Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Everything Jamaican

I live right outside philadelphia in a little township called Folcroft.  As far as local eateries are concerned, the pickings are slim.  We have a little diner called Miller's Cafe, a couple pizza places, a few sub joints, and of course... inexpensive Chinese take-out.  These options are fine, that is if you don't have to worry about gluten.  The only place I can safely eat is Miller's Cafe, since they have a variety of simple breakfast foods, and know of my neurotic insistence to keep toasted bread as far away from my plate as possible. However, about a month ago a small Jamaican cuisine restaurant opened up called Everything Jamaican.  After strolling in and sparking up a conversation with the owner, a friendly Jamaican transplant, I was informed that just about everything on their menu is gluten free. She told me that relatives of hers have the same condition and that she's very familiar with what we need to avoid eating.

After looking over the menu, which included dishes like Ox-Tail Soup, Jerk Chicken and Goat, Fried Plantains and Bean & Rice dishes, I decided to try the Curried Goat.  With the memories of Curried Mutton I ate in Ocho Rios playing through my head, I looked forward to seeing if what Everything Jamaican served up matched the tastes in my memory.  I wasn't disappointed! The curried mutton I was served tasted exactly like I remembered.  And just like in Jamaica it was served bones and all, which of course adds to the flavor.  It came with a side of rice & beans, and I ordered a Jamaican Ginger Beer.  I left full, and very happy. Next time I'm trying the Ox-Tail Soup!

If you are ever out this way I highly recommend stopping into Everything Jamaican and filling up your guts with some delicious, authentic Jamaican Cuisine.  Everything Jamaican is located at 10 Glenolden Avenue, at the corner of Chester Pike & Glenolden Ave.  Their phone number is 484-540-8342. Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am - 7pm, Fri - 11am - 8pm, and Sat - 12pm - 8pm.

Here's a glimpse at their menu:

Jerk Chicken (L) $10......(s) $8
Oxtail with Butter Beans
(L) $10......(s) $8.50
Raggae Chicken (L) $10......(s) $8
Curry Chicken (L) $10......(s) $8
Curried Goat (L) $10......(s) $8
Ackee (salted cod with garlic, onions and other seasonings) $8

When you arrive just let her know that you can't have any gluten and she'll take care of you. No problem!

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